Boy Scout Camp Wedding

Wendy’s wedding took place at the Boy Scout Camp in Mt. Vernon. It was a truly beautiful venue with little cottages, a large dining hall, and a deck hanging out over the water. We did their getting ready photos at a small cottage on the far side of the camp. Her daughters helped her zip into her dress and style her jewelry, hair, and veil. We then did some fun photos of the girls. Afterwards, I headed over to where the gentlemen were getting dressed. These dapper fellows were wearing black tuxes and shiny shoes. Some of the very first words that the groom said to me were, “Can you make sure that you get a photo of her coming over that hillside? It’s going to be one of my happiest moments and I want to cherish it forever.” I was truly touched by his loving words. The entire day was filled with emotions and incredible words exchanged between two people who are really meant to be together. Congratulations!

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