Mount Veron Wedding

Julie’s wedding in Mt. Vernon took place on their friend’s farm. It was a spectacular location with enormous flat grassy areas, towering birch trees, and an adorable farmhouse that overlooked the fields.

We began the morning with her getting ready photos. Her friend had decorated the suite with memories, inspirational quotes, and tokens of love.

Her colors were a coral/peach with light grey.

IMG_1121 IMG_1163 IMG_1144 IMG_1172 IMG_1338 IMG_1346 IMG_1375 IMG_1421 IMG_1442 IMG_1448 IMG_1456 IMG_1476 IMG_1479 IMG_1496 IMG_1500 IMG_1520 IMG_1538 IMG_1568 IMG_1571 IMG_1574 IMG_1622 IMG_1631

IMG_1568 IMG_1571 IMG_1574 IMG_1648 IMG_1673 IMG_1682 IMG_1694 IMG_1708 IMG_1720 IMG_1731 IMG_1760 IMG_1782 IMG_1792 IMG_1802 IMG_1805 IMG_1808 IMG_1824 IMG_1832 IMG_1834 IMG_1846 IMG_1860 IMG_1865 IMG_1880 IMG_1885 IMG_1935 IMG_1944 IMG_1950 IMG_1977 IMG_1983 IMG_1991 IMG_1994 IMG_2009 IMG_2015 IMG_2044 IMG_2075 IMG_2084 IMG_2087 IMG_2146 IMG_2155 IMG_2202 IMG_2223 IMG_2230 IMG_2343 IMG_2369 IMG_2433 IMG_2570 IMG_2651 IMG_2695 IMG_2703 IMG_2712

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