One Love – Saint Mark’s Cathedral + Argosy Cruise

Drew and Steve congratulations on your beautiful winter wedding in Seattle. We kicked off the day at a hotel in downtown Seattle. Then we made our way to Kerry Park for photographs with the Seattle skyline. The weather was that awesome blue-grey of Seattle and thankfully we stayed dry! They brought umbrellas to ward off the rain and to add a spark of color. Their beautiful ceremony took place at the historic Saint Mark’s Cathedral on Capital Hill. With vaulted ceilings and an enormous organ, the church was everything that you could imagine. Drew and Steve loved Christmas, so the church was lovingly decorated with Christmas colored floral arrangements. The union between these two was truly a coming together of family and friends. Everyone was left a little teary eyed after the ceremony because these two are meant to be together. The reception took place aboard an Argosy cruise that left from Kirkland, Washington. It was a phenomenal wedding that brought together all of the holiday traditions of love and family!

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